• Genus_stilllife_SevenShades_7Chocolatecopia
  • Genus_stilllife_SevenShades_6Redcopia
  • Genus_stilllife_SevenShades_5Beigecopia
  • Genus_stilllife_SevenShades_4Coppercopia
  • Genus_stilllife_SevenShades_3Caramelcopia
  • Genus_stilllife_SevenShades_2Violetcopia
  • Genus_stilllife_SevenShades_1Silvercopia

Seven Shades

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Seven Shades

Seven shades color masks awaken every shade of your color

The explosiveness of direct pigments and the conditioning action of masks in a single product: here are SEVEN SHADES by genUS.

Exclusive color masks perfect to maintain the cosmetic reflection over time or to give every wash new vibrant shades to your hair.