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Semipermanent Ammonia Free Color Cream With Keratin | CE Cosmetics
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Semipermanent Ammonia Free Color Cream With Keratin

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Easy Tech color contains micro pigments that deposit color directly in the hair’s core, together with a mix of active and protective nutrients which give hair body and shine.


Easy Tech products protect the hair, keeping it fully moisturized during the coloring process. The resulting color is bold, bright and full of natural highlights that last over time.


Carefully follow the directions and setting times that are listed on each color pack to obtain the desired effect.

Hydrolyzed Keratin

Protein that binds to the hair shaft, repairing the hair and making it resistant.


Avant-garde color molecules ensure a perfect gray coverage, long-term stability of hues and highlights, luster and shine


Block the development of color within the tube to keep the cream’s color pigments stable over time, and the color as vivid as at the time of packaging.